"My first Lomi Lomi with Yvonne Booth was a revelation. Never before had massage affected me beyond my body. Now, years later I still get this wonderful experience.

The trust with Yvonne was established right from the begginning allowing me to open up and receive the Lomi Lomi to it’s highest level. In a typical session the abstraction of speech and vision (eyes closed) help me reduce the senses involved making the touch more acute.
My body is now the connecting ground. As the session progresses it becomes more compliant and receptive but this is also where the massage evolves. Yvonne is the facilitator. Under her magic my mind progressively becomes acutely alive and reaching out instead of slowing down and becoming passive and introverted as in standard relaxation massages. My relaxed body and my mind end up operating at two different levels but completing each other. I feel deeply alive at large, in the universe. I also feel like I am being infused with a deep sense of all encompassing peaceful Harmony within and beyond my own self. The energy is powerful and positive. The beautiful “flying” at the end of the session reinforces the back and forth connection to the outside world.

I find that reaching that sense of openness, freedom and bliss makes me want to cherish it and carry it way beyond the length of the session. And that’s the beauty of my Lomi Lomis with Yvonne. The sessions last a generous 2.5 hours, but the benefits and Harmony that I experience stay with me, in my life, for a long time. In the end I know that I will return some of it to others. I feel privileged. Thank you Yvonne.




"Lomi massage with Yvonne Booth has been highly beneficial to me in my ongoing recovery from a serious neck trauma.
The techniques and warm oils are both powerfully energizing and totally relaxing. -- I leave Lomi sessions feeling like a new man. For me the effects of Lomi are superior to the many other types of therapeutic massage I have tried."

Hal Greer, Toronto musician and architect.



"I have been receiving Lomi treatments from Yvonne for three years now and have never felt better. I sleep better. My breathing used to be shallow and I often had trouble breathing deeply; now my breathing is regular and steady. I like to work out at the gym - on a day when I have a Lomi, I don't need a gym. The energy I receive from a treatment keeps me grounded. I feel stronger and better able to be me. I'm very grateful to Yvonne for helping me."

Mike Seward, artist.



"To my mind the intention of a lomi massage is meant to integrate the body with the elemental: wind, water, fire, earth. Like lava, like wind, hot oil covers the body from head to toe and long strokes from hands and forearms move the oil and the energies it draws to the surface of the skin up and down the meridians of the body. The presence of the earth is never far from mind as strokes to the underside of the body between oiled skin and table use the force of gravity to create sublime, effortless pressure. Beads of sweat drawn out by the heat in the tropically hot room remind me that I am a being of water by nature. To receive a lomi massage is to become acutely aware of the pleasurable sensations of the elements in a specifically Hawaiian sense.

But the experience I described is rare, requiring a lomi practitioner to be fully committed in mind and body to the experience, and it is with great fortune that I have had the opportunity to have Yvonne as my lomi practitioner for the past 7 years. I believe that in order to get the most out of a lomi massage the receiver not only has to be completely comfortable with their practitioner, they must also be willing to open themselves up and be slightly vulnerable. From day one I have felt comfortable in a way with Yvonne that I can’t fully describe, but it is wonderful and a testament to her energy and, for lack of a better word, aura. It is also very clear that Yvonne is committed to her work in a way few people in the world are. This kind of bodywork is Yvonne’s life and you feel it every time her hand or forearm touches you.

Part of the beauty and process of receiving a lomi is the understanding that a real practitioner knows that he/she is directly guided by the energies of the receiver and the strokes along the body can be perceived by the receiver as reflections of his/her inner state. Yvonne has taught me this and it has made each and every lomi a very unique experience.

All of this aside, a lomi with Yvonne is just the best 2 or 3 hours imaginable. She knows how to perfectly balance speed and tempo, excitement with relaxation...there is nothing quite like turning your body over to Yvonne and letting her work on behalf of your own inner energies."




"An expert Lomi pratitioner, Yvonne's expertise goes beyond massage therapy. She is thorough in her work, totally professional and enormously caring for her client's needs. She takes note of each client's concern, and aims to address them.

A true master of her craft, Yvonne's professionalism is equaled only to her genuine caring. She is highly recommended."

Artist / Portraitist / Voice coach.



"Thank you so much for the healing experience of yesterday. I don't think I have ever felt as comfortable with a presence of delightful processing of being. I hope to have more sessions with you."



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